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About the Studios

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Paradisse Studios, an upscale, celebrity making and award winning recording, mixing and mastering studio facility, is located in the DMV area of the United States. Catering to a diverse clients of talented artists and musicians, we also as part of our mission statement, provide elevation platforms for highly gifted budding talents from under-privileged backgrounds. 

Our gorgeous and plush studios embody a mix of laid back, relaxed, good feeling vibe reminiscent of vacation on a tropical African island solidified with a high degree of professionalism, high level precision in audio editing and top notch proficiency in music production. We offer a pleasant and courteous VIP treatment of our esteemed clientele. 

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Client Services

No matter our arrangements based on our clients’ budgets, we are totally committed to delivering superior sound quality and unforgettable client services. To ensure the best possible sound quality that is world class, we have invested in best in class studio equipment and audio technologies. Not stopping at that, our team possess deep mastery of the gear and technologies in our arsenal in order to provide cutting edge audio masterpieces delivery. 

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  • Recording

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Music Production

  • Beat Making/Sales

  • Music Video Production

  • VoiceOvers

  • Jingles Production

Please contact us at 202-594-2233 or complete our online form

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