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Paradise Studios is an Award winning, top notch audio recording, mixing and mastering facility. Our clients’ vision and mission are handled by a World class team of creative professionals who go to the absolute possible lengths to deliver epic sonic masterpieces.

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World class analog studio equipment. 


We are on top of our game with a plethora of industry leading digital effects and processors. Our Studios are always up to date and powered by first class and cutting edge sound production systems. With superior audio monitoring systems provided by modern Full range speakers and accurate monitoring tools, we guarantee the best sound just how you like it.

We have recorded, mixed and mastered for clientele that range from internationally acclaimed artists, professional and budding musicians, independent record labels to advertising agencies all over the world. 

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Paradisse Studios was established by a multi talented mixing engineer and award winning music producer. 


Our Producers and Engineers are life-long audio academics and sonic perfectionists who will stop at nothing to ensure the absolute best delivery of audio excellence.

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At Paradisse Studios, we have the brains, the personnel, and the best tools

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